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                                                                                     MY LIFE


Musik hat mich persönlich immer begleitet in meinem Leben. Als Teenager spielte ich schon Gitarre und habe meine eigene Songs geschrieben. Musik ist und bleibt meine große LiebeLeidenschaft und Traum.

Damals und immer noch, hielten meine Eltern und ich, es für sehr wichtig, einen guten Schulabschluss (Handelsexamen/Student 3 J.) zu absolvieren und eine Berufsausbildung mit Lehrgang (Einzelhandelskaufmann/Mode 2 J.) zu machen, um dann gut vorbereitet zu sein, auf die nächste Etappe im Leben. Sei es nun direkt ein guten Job zu finden, weiter zu studieren, Zivildienst oder Militärdienst (1 J.) zu leisten, oder vielleicht ein Jahr ins Ausland zu gehen, oder etwas länger, so wie ich es gemacht habe.


1994 bin ich von Dänemark nach Deutschland gezogen. Zeit dem lebe ich im Ausland. London gehört auch dazu, sowie Berlin, Mannheim, NeussKöln, Düsseldorf, Ratingen, Frankfurt, Paderborn und Palma de Mallorca.

16 Jahre habe ich in der Modebranche gearbeitet (Einzelhandel/Vertrieb/Aussendienst/Handelsagentur).

10 Jahre lang, habe ich bei zwei der größten Airlines in Deutschland als Flugbegleiter gearbeitet. Dadurch habe ich sehr viel von der Welt gesehen und auch kennen gelernt. (Menschen - Kulturen - Länder - Städte)


Hauptsache du bist glücklich mit dem was du tust und das dein Lebensunterhalt Zukunftsperspektive hat. Also folge Deine Träume und Glaube an Dich, denn nur Du selbst, kann und muss Deinen Weg gehen.

Auf "Deinem Weg" wirst du bestimmt auch interessante Menschen finden, die so denken wie du.


Momentan folge ich der größte Traum und Liebe in meinem Leben, und das ist MUSIC!!! :-)

"Write Your Own Story & Follow Your Path In This Life Given"

In my life so far......I've been traveling a lot in the world and I've seen so many different places and faces and I've been listening to all their stories. Stories about the dreams we have. Stories about lifelove and Freedom. From 2003 till 2013 I was working for an Airline (LTU & AirBerlin). That means always far away from home. Always a new destination. Somewhere out there in the big world. But no guitar is bigger than I can carry it with me in my back or suitcase. So I did and I still do. That´s why I like to write songs on the road and to be inspired by other people and countries. Imagine just sitting in L.A., Cuba or Jamaica, talking to some smiling and friendly people, that you just met. Well, that´s so easy to smile and talk. And then it just happens. You tell your story. They tell their stories. Here we go. That could be the inspiration and birth to a new song or a good friendship and relationship. Just open up your mind and heart and connect with people. Our time is now!

I wish you to live your life to the fullest and to follow your dreams in a positive way. Always Smile On :-)

Always Rock On :-) Torben

P.S. - Take a ride in your car and put on "DREAMS OF GETAWAY"  

          My album hits the open road and  "Rocks Your Day Away"



Origin:  Haderslev - Denmark (DK)

Now: Mallorca/Spain (ES) - Düsseldorf & Paderborn/Germany (DE)


Genres:  Rock/Pop - Alternative Country & Folk


Label: No label - Independent




I was born and raised in Denmark. It goes back in time, to the year 1972. My year of no return  :-)  My mom & dad, had me put into this world, on a nice and sunny day the 25th of May. I have an older brother too and we used to have cats around us, in our cosy little house in the wood close to the beach. We all lived happy together in a beautiful place, in the southern part of Denmark (Southern Jutland). The name of this lovely town is Kelstrup Strand. Situated at the oceanside only 10 km from Haderslev. A very nice spot to make vacation & to have a good time with the Dear Danes.


Almost every day we went to the beach for a little walk in the sand. Even during the cold wintertime, we just put on some warm clothes and went to the have a walk on the water. That´s true! I´m not kidding. As I was a kid, the ocean used to be covered up with ice. It was frozen all over. That was so fun and amazing, but due to "Global Warming", this will probably not happen so often anymore. So please eat fresh and green to live healthy and clean. We have to care about our planet and life. Also for the generation next. 

In the summertime we all spend most of our time at the beach. Surfing, water skiing, sailing, fishing and playing the guitar around the camp fire at night and singing songs about love and dreams. This is how it all started.

By the age of 13, I got my first guitar and started to practice and to play the first simple chords and today I still do.

I like to keep it simple in most of the things I do. Especially the "Songwriting" part and when this "Magic Moment" just comes to you and when the creative part of the "Journey" is taking the first step into the light of the world, trying to make it to a song, with a good "Hook" and a great melody line. It feels awesome. When it comes to you, this great moment of "Aha", it feels like a release inside of me and I just feel happy for this special moment and I´m very grateful to the power and light of the universe, giving me this inspiration and gift to bring on life to a new song. You know, as a songwriter, I´m never afraid of losing that connection. It comes when it comes, that's the deal. Well, sitting there with all your thoughts and that piece of stripped and naked white paper in front of you, with the guitar in your hands, can also be a long and lonely road, if nothing comes out. Open up your heart and let your mind and feelings flow. If you have a melody in your head, start to write the words down. take your instrument, play it and sing, that's it.

Quite simple isn`t it? Yes, sometimes it is, but sometimes you also have to wait for the right mood and the right flow to let it all out and to create a song or an Album. Sometimes a good song comes to you within 30 minutes and sometimes a good song or story takes over 10 years to make it to the record.

Hope to see you soon on the road.

Torben Petersen

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